Chaise-longue aluminum ergonomic silhouette, accompanied with upholstered seat foam.


The designed has been initially materialized with the lightness and sobriety of the aluminum, though that is a high cost material, due to the handcraft of the construction processes of the product. The result is a highly attractive piece. We begin with the structural aluminum section of 30x30. The coating that has been applied over the Aluminum is RAL 9010 painting with a metallic finishing. The last piece that shapes La Chaiselonge is a sheet of plywood with the same silhouette of the design with high density foam upholstery and a textile with a plain iridescent texture, 100 % polyester.

For a sample of the paint color treatment in 4 colors by RAL proposal or customer, send your details

Designed and manufactured by the team of Be&Bo Furniture Design and produced entirely in the EU

Weight (grams): 25000 g
Dimensions: 197 cm × 70 cm × 78 cm
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